Nvidia GtX260 is better then GTS240?

Hi everyone I bought a dell but im still in time to change the videoboard. Since im graphic designer ill need and want the best performance . Im buying an Studio XPS 8800 here in Brazil and they didnt had online option for a powerfull videoboard. Is it GTX260 GDDR3 of 1G better then the one i originally bought GTS240 1G?

Whi8ch nowadays is the best videoboard?

Thank you very much
Deborah Avelino
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  1. Yes the GTX 260 is the faster processor.

    The GT 240 is too new to be on the THG charts, but you can see from this article that the GT 240 is slower than 8800 GT.


    Which is considerable slower than the GTX 260:

  2. Thanks a lot RockyJohn... im getting nuts trying to customize this dell that is already too expensive.. now im trying to specify the power (energy source) in watts... im already tired of trying to fix this machine
    tks again Deborah
  3. What kind of graphic design work do you do? Have you tried just using the GT 240 to see if it is adequate first?

    A lot of graphic design - such as illustration, web page design and layout, and simple pictures do not require a lot of graphics card horsepower - it is really more for video 3D use like in gaming.
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