FPS lag anyone explain?

Hey, i currently have a acer aspire 8930g.
Vista home premium
3 GB of DDR3 Ram
2.0ghz intel core duo t6400
Nvidia 9600m GS 512 dedicated graphics
resolution 1680x945
20Mbit broadband (tried using cable and wireless)

I am having trouble running any sort of FPS game. The main game i am focusing on is Counter Strike Source. I will enter the game and average 120 fps on high settings and all of a sudden i will be getting fps lag spikes down to 25 fps (sometimes i will spike and the fps doesnt even go below 60? which is more often than not the case). i have tried changing resolution, i have tried changing all settings to low and it makes no difference (FPS doesnt even increase when i turn settings and res down). im just wondering if anyone would have some sort of solution to this problem because it is becoming irritating and quite literally unplayable.

any help would be much appreciated
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  1. It sounds like you are having an application that start running on the background and it's taking all the CPU so it doesn't matter the settings of the game it's still lags because the CPU is busy. You could try a CPU log software to see what is taking your CPU power so you can fix the issue.
  2. Have you only played it on multiplayer? Does it do the same with single player mode?
  3. Yes it does happen on both single player and multiplayer. although on single player my fps never goes below 80 with 9 other bots in the game (trying to replicate 5 on 5 matches). ive tried checking my applications log and nothing appears to be using to much of my cpu power. im really stumped with this one because i would of thought that a 2.00ghz dual core could cope with counter strike source when my old 2.00ghz amd sempron (on my old tower pc with 2gb of ddr1) could run counter strike source with no fps lag (sorry of that sounded irrate didnt mean for it to be just trying to explain the issue accurately as i can)
  4. if you could name a good free cpu log program it would be great. thanks
  5. right guys quick update. i found a cpu log program and i found that audiodg.exe was using 35% of my cpu usage so i turned audio enhancements off and it quickly went back down to 5% with counter strike source using 50-65% of my cpu while in game. i am however still receiving fps lag with there being a constant for the lack of a better word jiggering although fps is up in the 120 mark for example players will be running and they will hop a cm back every half a second (this is on single player so internet doesnt interfere). i am offically stumped guys
  6. A few things I would check:
    1) see if there are any new drivers available for the 9600 GS
    2) Download CoreTemp and check and see if your CPU is overheating. If it is, it will throttle down which will cause your frame rate to drop.
    3) RAM usage (though I doubt this is the cause). Open the Task Manager and see what your page file usage is.
  7. ive tried installing the new drivers with no luck. core 1 temperature is read 42 while in game for 30 minutes and core 2 is reading 41. my memory usage is only 1.5 gig out of 3 gig. anymore hints or tips any one can give me because the problem still persists :(
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