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I mainly play games but i do also like to listen to my music loud. it doesn’t have to be ball busting loud just loud enough i can hear the worlds clear in the room next to me. I love razer stuff atm so if you could suggest a razer product that would rock other wise www.umart.com.au is where i will buy the sound system from. I also dont have a sound card any suggestions? i have Intel® High Definition Audio (Sigmatel* STAC9274D) on my mobo cheers!
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  1. If you want it loud, the Logitech Z-2300 is a good choice.
  2. cheers they are cheap! and have many good reviews! any more suggestions?
    ohh and should i get a sound card and what one.
  3. Honestly, onboard sound isn't bad currently. I'd stick with the onboard Intel audio unless you can hear something noticeably wrong with it.
  4. Nah it sound fine on what i have at the moment only reason I am getting rid of my current speakers is because I am building a pc for my little brother and well out with the old in with the new but those speakers will do fine shame they arnt as flashy as some razer products.
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