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Can someone post a listing of reliable memory brands? I just purchased three 512MB DDR PC2100 memory module from and the brand was Rosewill. Every single memory module was detected as having error by memtest86.

I currently have two Crucial 256MB DDR PC2100 modules and they never exhibited any errors in memtest86.
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  1. Crucial, Kingston, Mushkin, OCZ, PDP (Patriot), Corsair, G.Skill, Geil and Samsung are all good RAM.

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  2. How is it possible with me buy 3 sticks of Rosewill and all shown to be defective? What are the manufacturing process like for these lesser known memory makers?

    I ordered PC2100 so is it possible that Rosewill had PC1600 and just overclocked them and stamped them as PC2100?
  3. With memory "you pay for what you get".

    Cheaper memory brands are not tested as thouroughly as many other brands. As a result, they have more problems.

    Many memory manufactureres just don't know how to make memory very well. Always buy memory from reputable sources.

    The most compatible and reliable memory products come from:
    Micron, Samsung, Infineon and Hynix (original).

    Corsair, Kingston, crucial, and other retailers/manufacturers in most cases use the chips from the suppliers above. Often the chips are retested again to ensure further quality.

    Some companies buy UTT chips. UTT chips have alot of potential to perform well. The cost is usually high in testing these chips. In general, the performance from UTT chips is weak. If the brand name on a chip is not a "major" brand, then most likely it is a UTT chip, or some other specially marked chip.

    Major brand is usually: Micron, Samsung, Infineon, hynix.

    You might consider these as major brands too: Mosel Vitalic, Elpida, or Nanya.

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  4. Thanks for all the help guys. Before I screw up another order with newegg, I got one more question. I have the MSI 1st generation nForce motherboard. It supports the "twinbank" memory architecture, but the mobo has 3 memory sockets. I want to upgrade to the maximum amount of 1.5GB with 3 512MB modules. The "twin" in twinbank makes me think of binary and question whether twinbank technology will work with 3 memory sockets instead of 4.

    Anything for me to worry?
  5. 1.5GB is alot of memory, maybe too much.
    In most cases you'll take a performance hit when you add the extra 512MB, depends on what you are using the computer for.

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  6. I currently play World of Warcraft and the game play decently at 512MB when my character is in a low populated area. But in a high populated area where many players are unique looking my computer comes to a craw as it loads a lot of graphics for these players. Maybe all I need is 1Gig
  7. Since WOW is an online game your issue sounds more like an issue related to your internet connection rather than the memory.

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  8. Nah, I got DSL. My hard disk light starts blinking like crazy for 30 seconds to a minute when entering cities and heavy populated areas. I posted a message on Blizzard's forum and a couple posters suggested a memory upgrade.
  9. I have a eVGA nVidia GeForceFX 5200 with 128MB RAM. I know its not a top notch board selling for about $70 when I bought it a year ago.
  10. I have 1GB of memory GeForce4 Ti 4600, and I play WOW.

    In populated areas it takes a long time for my system to load the graphics too.

    For me, I am positive its the internet even though I have DSL.

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  11. Speaking of wow, this article may interest you:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">World of Warcraft Performance Guide</A>

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  12. Great article. Now I got some objective opinion on how to improve WoW performance. After reading, I guess I'll just upgrade to 1Gig and save the $50 for a future overhaul of my system.
  13. Yes I know!

    Which is why I am quite positive the delay comes from the internet and not the graphics card as I mentioned earlier!

    Also keep in mind that the WOW servers have 800,000+ users in the US. Sometimes even the game runs slow !

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  14. Quote:
    Nah, I got DSL.

    Ive got news for you. DSL is great, but it doesnt maintain the high numbers that you signed up for. Ive got DSL and am pleased with it, but it does get slow at times. Go to scroll down and look on the left side of the page. You will come to a bandwith test/meter. Click on it and follow the instructions. It will tell you haow fast you are at any given moment.

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    This site helped me out a lot with my broadband connection :smile:

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