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I bought this digital studio workstation off a friend, so i can get started on some recording for my new album. It works great, the only problem i have is that i dont know how to export, or import files. I want to get some drum tracks on the but i cant. Unless i use an electric kit, but those suck. I have a drum software and everything.But i just cant get the track on my workstation. I've tried RCA cables, and they dont work. It only works on the outs. I need a cable or usb that can send data into it. And also, how would i export my final recordings so i can master them on acid?...If anyone can help, it would be greatful.....Thanks
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  1. The procedure you're describing is quite lengthy - I suggest you call Roland product support (323-890-3745) for instructions. They're quite friendly, and would be happy to walk you through the setup.
  2. I have the same problems bro. I can record and it sounds great. But I'm not sure how to master the product or how to actually burn it to a CD. Have you found an answer, through Roland or someone else more familiar with this particular unit?
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