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Hi Guys

I've been having a problem with my MS Habu. While the install when by easily enough (for a habu) I'm having problems with the mouse being detected.

While the drivers find the mouse fine, the mouse turns on and off seemingly randomly while the PC is on. I believe there is a problem with the cables because it works fine when the cable is at certain positions and wont be found at all at others. Even then while using it it will turn on and off.

What do you guys think the problem is with the mouse? Is it the wires? Is there a way to fix it? I've had this happen with 3 different PCs, 1 Desktop and 2 Laptops...


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  1. i have the same problem my mouse is 3 weeks old, by the 2nd week it started doing that, did you find any solution?
    i think i have firmware 1.0 but on razer they have drivers for 1.0 or 2.0 but it doesnt say that by using the 2.0 drivers on a 1.0 the firmware will update.
  2. Nope, I was never able to find one. The one thing I thought that may be the reason was the wiring in the mouse or cable. The reason I assumed this was because I found if I held the mouse at certain angle or made sure the wire was straight it would work.

    In the end though I just went and bought a Razer DeathAdder though.
  3. Hi guys, ino this is a old thread but id thought i would help out anyone with the habu cable issue i have a quick fix if anyone is interested

    my cable naffed up after a few months and i nearly binned it but ive managed to do a quick fix that has worked now for over a year.

    the answer blue tack !!!! yep blue tack

    where the cable enters the mouse if you curl the cable to the right into a loop right at the base of the mouse and tack it back to the mouse the cable bends in such away that it cannot disconnect. as long as u dont touch it once you'v done it it works a treat as i said over a year and no issues now...

    so anyone got one lying around try it you will be surprised.

    good luck :).
  4. Could you provide a pic? Its been so long I just went and bought a death adder but a spare mouse never hurts...
  5. hi, i will provide some photos mid week ish got some stuff to do so will be able to then :)

    its easy
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