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Is there anybody who have experience with installing a HP ScanJet 4200c under Windows7 64bits version?
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  1. No success at all! I would love to find a driver to work the hp scanjet 4200 sdcanner on my windows 7-64 bit pc
  2. Have a look at Silverfast or Vuescan -- free trial download will prove whether they work but seem to with most scanners. Not that expensive to purchase.
  3. Hi, HP Scanjet 4200C drivers could find it in Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. Unfortunately I could not find a driver for the Windows 7 operating system.
  4. As above try the third-party scanning programs -- they're not free but not very expensive and are highly rated.
  5. download the driver for windows xp 64-bit and use the *.inf file found on that download.
  6. ive read this might work Use the sj655en.exe (last update for the HP4200c Scanjet)
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