Dell UltraSharp 2208WFP 22-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD

not to be confused with the sp2208

Am interested in a widescreen display...and the 22's seem best for me. I like several, Have read good and bad on alot of them ( alot!) over the last week...this Dell is the one I have my eye on the most. Upon searching I havent found a lot of reviews, forum posts on this display...anyone with advice on this, Dells in general , and 22 inch displays in general , and reccomendations, would really be appreciated :)

I keep finding widescreen displays i like...then i read alot of negatives on them...startin to get frustrated, lol are there any good displays out there worth the money?

Thanks in advance :) ps...I play alot of WoW :)
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  2. It's a nice display, for sure, and has one of the best monitor stands out there. The panel is still a TN, but it's fairly nice for a TN, and there's nothing significantly wrong with it. Overall, I'd say it's a good general use monitor, and isn't excessively expensive.
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