Various BSOD's (nvlddmkm.sys ntoskrnl.exe dxgmms1.sys eamon.sys )


I have been getting BSOD's for quite a while now, maybe 6 months or so, i know its quite a while but the Blue screens did'nt happen as often until yesterday.

I purchased borderlands 2 and on the first day of playing it i received only one BSOD, as you can see from the image (21st september). and then yesterday i received 8 in total, some different than the others.

This is my current setup:
Intel Q9550 Quad Core
ASUS P5QL Pro Motherboard
ASUS Nvidia 560 TI 1GB (Upgraded from ATI 4890)
650W PSU

I reformatted the PC when i upgraded my graphics card to an Nvidia 560TI from a ATI 4890 and still problems occured. Blue screens happened then when i hads the ATI and still with the Nvidia. Now i have tested both sticks of RAM with Memtest and no errors occured, i also checked CPU Temp using BIOS and nothing unusual found there either.

i am also getting a new motherboard soon, so will swap that and also see what happens.

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