Computer broke when i plugged headphone and mic into it

what can cause this to happen i had built this computer it was running great but when i pluged in My microphone and headphones the computer crashed and will now not start back up ... i have also started taken appart the computer should be finished but i would like to know why my computer crashed when i pluged the microphone/headphones combo in to the front hookups ... ps computer now only flashes a green light on the motherboard and there are no sounds of RAM being removed sooo ha ... could it be that the computer case was defective and messed the compute up ?? any imput would be greatly apreasheated
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  1. when you plug in a device like a mic, that is Plug and Play your operating system install a device driver for you. Some times if a computer has a hardware or software problem it can cause a system crash. It is doughtful that those devices could harm other hardware due to the very low voltage they use. i would try to boot to safe mode.
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