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I'm having trouble deciding on an OS for my home PC (primarily used for gaming, entertainment, information gain). I don't want the compatability issues I've heard XP Home has with games, but if those rumors are unfounded, I'm going to consider the fluff on XP Pro I probably won't need.

Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
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  1. Sounds like you probably won't need the Professional edition and could save some money by getting Home.

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  2. There's no perfect answer, each OP will have it's problems. Win98 may not be stable and will need a reboot, WinXP might not be compatible with some hardware and software and can raise hell with a Gf4.

    I use Win98 for my gaming, because IMO even if WinXP was at it's best, Win98 would still be faster and smoother. And I use WinXP to search the net and do everything els, while Win98 is strictly for gaming. Since WinXP and the Gf4 wouldn't play well together for me, I wasn't able to dual boot, so I use two computers. This way I can have my cake and eat it too.

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  3. "WinXP might not be compatible with some hardware and software and can raise hell with a Gf4."

    Do you think I'll still have problems if I dual boot my system with 98 and XP Home?

    Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
  4. I have two systems, when I tried to dual boot with my Gf4 card it was always crashing, and after 3-4 weeks I gave up trying. But when I went to dual boot with the computer that had a Gf2 I had no problem. WinXP loaded the drivers and I kept that driver, because WinXP is very stable, but I don't play games with it. When I did load I driver I did have a problem, either a music video wouldn't play or it became unstable. I forget, and I haven't mess with it since. I had problems, does this mean you'll have the same problem, I'm not 100% sure, maybe the type of mobo you use will play a part. I really don't know, but I won't promise you won't have problem.

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  5. "because WinXP is very stable"

    Compared to Msdos (read: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me), yes; Nt 5.1 is very stable.

    "but I don't play games with it"

    What in the Christ Almighty are you doing with a GF4??!???!?!?!?!!!!!??

    Side note:

    Drivers are a bitch. Via and Nvidia don't always play well together. I don't own a GF4, but one of my friends a couple of doors down does. His AMD/GF4 machine is every bit as stable as mine; which isn't saying much at 80 hours uptime...
  6. Who makes the GF4 you have?
  7. Yeah, that wouldn't make sense to have a gf4 and not play games, what I said is I don't play games with WinXP. As for drivers are a bitch, it's a little more then that when you pair a Gf4 with a 32 bit OS. Toejam has a better idea what is going on, and what I get from it is: the problem is with in the BIOS of the mobo. Not all mobo will have the problem, but if there is a problem the solution would be to disable the APIC, then manually assign all the IRQ. There is a little more to it, but that's over my head. Hopefully a BIOS update will address this. If your friend has a gf4 paired with a 32 bit OS and has no problems, you might want to take note of his mobo, but not sure if that means it's persistent.

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  8. Leadtek 4400

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  9. "Not all mobo will have the problem"

    Yes. Usually, the better mainboards work well with msft and your nvidia. Also, the better mainboard manufacturers put out faster updates.

    "disable the APIC"

    My Gawd.

    You're running with Acpi enabled??!???!


    "There is a little more to it"

    Not really. Hit "F5" at install, change it to "Standard PC". I like to go one step further and disable my serial ports (which I never use) in the bios, and assign an IRQ to VGA. Then I load the detonators and tweak the hell out of them with GTU or NVtweak.
    Sidebanding, overclocked, fastwrites, 256 burst. All that. I stay-the-h3ll-away from the 4n1's; which causes a minor inconvenience (southbridge locks up during lead-in and lead-out), but keeps it a h3ll of a lot more stable.
  10. You make it sound so simple, I wouldn't know. Even if I was successful, my debate would be is WinXP better for gaming then Win98??? UT is my game, and WinXP doesn't play that well for me, others feel the same. Where do you stand?

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  11. Dude. Unreal Tourney, Maximum Payne, Balders Gate 2, Medal of Shame, the Army Simulation...all of them smoke under Nt 5.1. With a SB live, to boot.

    But now, remember, I do not use the 4n1's. I use the detonators. I overclock to...let's see...265/500. And I'm using the 28.90's. The card goes higher, but since I can only find time to play late at night, I don't o/c much during the day. Back last November, with the 4.37's, I used to use the 4n1's. This was one Gawd-dam unstable machine; I cussed it every hour, on the hour; without fail.

    I think there was a week where I reloaded XP like 10 times. No joke.

    Then I just stopped loading the 4n1's. My Ide corruption, sb crackling, and vid card lockups just went away. It was incredible. I load the detonators. And tweak the wholey-living-h3ll out of XP using Xteq X-setup. I crank off all the services I possibly can, and lock my page file. I run cleansweep through the registry, and clean out all the crap files/folders that msft just loads by default (messenger, help, *.chm, *.hlp, *.avi, *.gif, *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, movie maker, *.log).

    Now, under my Winme side, I still load the 4n1's. I also load the miniport drivers. It as stable as Winme gets; I can't complain about it. I'm telling you, loading drivers in the correct order is a KEY FACTOR in getting any dam msft os working correctly.

    But XP is still 5x (in terms of actual maximum uptime hours) as stable as Msdos/Winme...
  12. Well, I played UT and WXP didn't play it to smooth, and I didn't load a single driver. When I did update the driver it didn't help the game at all. Maybe I should have tried installing the 4-1, or maybe go down the list of drivers. Or maybe shut off all the stuff I don't need in WXP. Or go into the BIOS and click everything off and on, in hopes to find the fix. And not to forget anything els I can think of, boy that sounds tiresome. And after all that tweaking just hope and pray the OS is still stable, and that I don't have to do it all over again when I start to play a new game. I know how it feels to reload XP several times, it's no fun. I'm using WXP now, it's stable as hell, mind you the only update I made was to my live card that is it, not a single thing els. In fact I left all my PCI cards in, so after windows was done loading I was done. Screw all that tweaking, my Win98 with the Gf4 is ready to go, is ready to game and doesn't need any tweaking to play. My question to you is still the same, after your all done tweaking the hell out of WinXP, is it better for games???????

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  13. I have a MSI GF4 4400 and XP and have no problems playing games. I'm on my 2nd videocard because my 1st one went bad. Every once in awhile I had MOH:AA freeze on me in mid-game, but no more than when I used WIN98/ME. I'm happy using XP with all my games. All of them work so far, even some of the older DOS ones.

    I was doing the dual boot thing, but after awhile I went to XP because all of my important programs worked just fine with XP. I'm real happy with it and don't have any plans at this time to switch back to WIN98.

  14. For each person that is happy with WinXP and gaming there is another person not happy with it. I'm not trying to stick my neck out saying Win98 is the best OS, maybe for gaming. Anyway what kind of mobo do you have and did you have any problem setting up your computer?

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  15. "after your all done tweaking the hell out of WinXP, is it better for games???????"


    Before I tweak the h3ll out of it?

    No. Definately, no.
  16. OK, thanks for your input.

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  17. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by tweaking it? Is there a guide to this out there?

    Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
  18. Tweaking is overclocking anything that can be overclocked, shutting off things you don't need to use. Doing things to your graphics card to improve the performances, ect.

    Hope this answer you question. And yes there is all kinds of info on tweaking, you just have to be more pacific to just what you want to tweak. Check out the overclocking forum, or post a question, ask for some sights, use your browser to search. There's a lot you can do, and to much for one person to answer.

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  19. <A HREF="http://snakefoot.fateback.com/default.html" target="_new"><b>HERE</b></A> is a good site to look at.

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  20. Sorry about the vagueness of that question. I wasn't asking what tweaking was, just if there was a guide to tweaking the XP OS itself to top gaming potential. Thanks for that link oldbear.

    Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
  21. Your welcome. If you really read through that site you will find the way
    to best set up the "services" that are runnning. This is the best way to
    tweak WinXP.

    <b><font color=blue>The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier.
  22. Yeah, it's a good place to start.

    Go to <A HREF="http://www.download.com" target="_new">http://www.download.com</A> and search for 'xteq'. Download X-setup, and look through that thing. Memory settings, i/o cache, menu delays, kernal paging. There's a whole slew of stuff in there.

    Also, download either GTU or NVtweak and tweak out your gfx card. Sidebanding, fastwrites, 256 burst, and o/c it a little (if you have good case cooling that is; I have a side fan blowing directly on the card).
  23. I should have moved my hope this answer your question up a paragraph, I wasn't sure. Sorry if I made you feel like a tweaking illiterate. My bad, can't even get a simple question right, hehe.

    I must have just about every sight that has been put up here, unfortunately my favorites is a big mass. So have you made your decision between Home or Pro? I got the OEM Pro for about $140. myself. It has more stuff then what I know what to do with, but heard is the better choice, well, not everyone will agree.

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  24. "for about $140"



    Just wikked!
  25. Glade you think so.

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  26. Don't know if this will help but i Run Win XP Professional with no problems. Using a Gforce 2, MSI mobo (VIA 266A), AMD Atlon XP 1600+ and 768 MB DDR 2100 and NTFS file system. It runs fine. So my nephew decided to upgrade and bought a ABIT KG7 (AMD 761), Athlon XP 1500+, Visiontek Xtasy Gforce 3 ti200 and 512 MB DDR pc2100. When he installed Win XP pro. he would crash randomly in middle of games. This would happen every 15 or 20 mins. We updated all drivers and mobo BIOS.. nothing helped.

    Then i decided to do a second "clean" install and used FAT32 NOT NTFS. Runs smooth as silk now. Never crashes. So maybe there is something going on with the NTFS file system and certain Mobo IDE controllers?? Dunno.

    But he is a game addict and hasn't had any problems since we did a fat32 install.

    Wierd huh?

    Matt the Geek
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