Need recommendations

Hello all :) Hope u are all fine :)

Well am going to buy 3 things for my _soon to come XPS M1730 :) _

1_A gaming headset(For me)
2_A gaming mouse(For me)
3_A gaming keyboard(For me)

and the budget is max $150 for all of these.

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  1. That's a fairly slim budget for a decent mouse, keyboard, and headset.

    Realistically, I would just stick with the XPS's keyboard (quite good as laptops are concerned - it even has a little screen like the G15), and spend the money on a gaming mouse and headset only. For the mouse, a great choice is the Logitech G5. It's a little older, and there are several newer and better ones out now, but it is still a quality mouse, and fairly cheap for a high precision laser mouse.

    For the headset, the Sennheiser PC350 should be amazing, but it would put you above your stated budget (as it is usually around $140 by itself). For a lower budget, the Creative Fatal1ty gets pretty good ratings.
  2. XPS M1730 already has an good near full sized(minus the del,home, end, page up/down ect location) keyboard with the same screen on the Logitech G15(not my style of keyboard, but thats another story)

    If it uses the same Logitech software, this is a good plugin

    Now onto the mouse. For the price i still find the MX518 hard to beat. Its near imposable to make it loose traction and it will run 500 reports/sec(the 2 i have will). I use the G9, but its a little expensive for the budget.

    Keyboard : The dell one

    Mouse : G5 or MX518, whatever you get a better price on. Get a good hard(plastic/metal) mouse pad for a laser mouse(G5), it just works better.

    Headset : I can not comment here i only use a headset for a mic. The Logitech one i have has bad headphones, but the mic works ok. Someone else help please.
  3. Ok thanks alot for the help guys :) well i will go for MX518 for mouse and does anyone have any recommendations for a Logitech gaming headset? or shall i go with the Fatal1ty one?
    Btw nuke,have u ignored me in Private Messages?
  4. That's a good mouse, you should be happy with it (actually, it's basically a G5, but with a high-res optical rather than a laser).

    As for the Logitech headsets, I don't have any experience with them. They certainly don't look bad, but it's hard to say for sure.
  5. ok thanks for the help :)
  6. Logitech Chat Headset = NO NO!!!! Bad headphones, but good mic
    This does not appear to be on the website.

    I had a creative with a decent headphones, but bad humming mic :(
    Maybe thats why they are on sale for so cheap

    I give up.

    Btw nuke,have u ignored me in Private Messages?

    I do not ignore you, That's how i wound up here :) the UK stuff does not show up when i go to the forums(only US).
  7. Ok thanks for all the help guys :) the mouse will 100% be MX 518 but still not sure about the headset.
    Btw nuke,i cant PM u either in UK or US forum they both say u have ignored me :(
  8. Well thats strange.
    I never did anything, last messages i received from you are related to this thread and one about the 9800M GT specs.
  9. I got your PM but i cant send u one,it says
    Sorry, you were put in ignore list by this user nukemaster

    so let me post it here i wanted to tell u that
    9800MGT has 96 SP and 8800MGTX has 96 SP too
    9800MGTX has 112 SP so it will perform a little better than 8800MGTX.

    back to topic have u heard about Logitech Precision Gaming headset?
  10. I have no first hand experience with that set, but there are several reviews around - They don't like it - They like it if you do not have glasses - Mixed user reviews - needs EQ tweaking to make it sound good they generally like it

    I think its going to come down to personal tastes.
  11. I myself currently have a Logitech headset and its been good but i got problems now,a part of it is broken so i need a new one,i may tell my uncle to get me CREATIVE FATAL1TY which has a good price for UK.
    And btw thanks for the links :)
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