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Hello, i am using HP 210 netbook and its having built-in bluetooth device that i have used many times prevoisly, but since last week my bluetooth device is not working. everytime i click "bluetooth file transfer" and klik receive files, it says "the files could not be sent because the connection could not be established. check to make sure the bluetooth radio is plugged in". since it is bulit-in bluetooth, i dont know how to make sure the bluetooth is work. When i try to search in device manager, in system devices, i found "atheros bluetooth bus".when i click it said "the devices working properly". But the bluetooth still not work. can u help me? what's wrong woth my bluetooth?
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  1. If you have a Wi-Fi switch on your netbook, it controls your wireless devices (so Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc..) so if it's switched off, that would be your problem.
    Otherwise, make sure you're actually connecting your device to it. Maybe try removing the device from "Devices" and re-add it like you would have initially.
  2. there is no switch in my netbook...
    i activate my phonecell bluetooth and try to connect it. it just can't detect in my netbook.. what should i do?
  3. follow this
    go to start
    devices and printers
    right click on bluetooth icon
    select blutooth setting
    upload image
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