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I've got an older (2002) home theater set up, and the receiver, a Rio HT2030, died finally. So I want to replace it without having to get new speakers--my old speakers are mounted on the walls, and I really don't want to change them out. So I just want to buy a new receiver, something that will play DVDs, has component video out (I have a 2000 TV), but also have speaker wire inputs for surround sound (it looks like more modern ones use speakers with RCA plugs instead of speaker wire). An awesome plus would be if I could get a DVD receiver that input SVGA or DVI, as my Mac laptop has a DVI output.

Any suggestions for a low priced (I'm no videophile, I just want to watch The Matrix again) receiver that fits the bill? Thanks for reading.
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  1. OMG, no one has a suggestion?
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