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How can I change processor speed and other parameters in a Dell Latitude E6500 ? The Dell system bios doesnt allow any adjust in the chipset, memory, processor and so on.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Most laptops are like that. Generally, laptops aren't designed to handle the extra heat associated with CPU overclocking. There are a couple of programs that can do it without the BIOS, but they aren't as reliable or stable. I'm actually drawing a blank on the name of the one program I've used. If I remember what it is, I will post back.

    edit: It was Clockgen from CPUID. They don't officially support it any more though.
  2. cant do those things on laptops mate. get a desktop
  3. pcfixed said:
    cant do those things on laptops mate. get a desktop

    eh, yes and no. Some Sager laptops (not all) have partially unlocked BIOS' which give you some control over your clock settings. Other laptops from Asus and MSI have "turbo buttons" that allow the CPU to be overclocked with the touch of a button. And like I said, there are some software utilities that will do it, they just aren't as stable.
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