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i have been looking at sxga tft laptops.
with some of these the resulotion goes up to 1400x1000.
that sounds great. however, it is (for me) the old story:
everything becomes so tiny (especially at 15"') that i usually stick to 1000x760. Only apps like 3dsmax enjoy higher res.
so, i thought, just lower the res on the tft to 1000.
what happened? the picture becomes terrible!!! it just looks like youre looking at an worn out crt-screen. that real sharpness on tft's only seems to be achieved at their own "native" resolution.
can anyone explain why this is? Is there a workaround to this problem. All sxga tft's that i looked at seem to have this problem.

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  1. Well, an LCD's resolution is fixed, so if you have an LCD with a resolution of 1600x1200, you literally have 1920000 (1600x1200=) pixels. So if you run a resolution lower than this, say 1280x1024, you only require 1310720 pixels, so unless you only want to view your desktop in a tiny portion of the screen, it needs to STRETCH the pixels to cover the full area of the display. i.e. of say, every 4 pixels, it will stretch 1, which will make the output look very blocky and horrible. - LCDs are only to be used in their native resolution.


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  2. thanx for reply.
    i was afraid of this. Most games still seem to be geared for a res of 1000*760. Does this mean that gamers would be much better of with an tft of that res on their laptop?
    All latest models all seem to go for higher res, so that becomes quite a problem.
    It seems such a waste to spend all that money on a great graphic card and still be stuck with blurred image in most of your gameplay.
    Would a 1600 tft give a sharper stretch than a 1400 tft.
    Is it also a matter of the driver?
  3. For games, the difference is not so significant, most games are constantly moving so the "not-so-sharp"ness of the lower resolution is not noticeable. Besides most 'gaming' notebooks are able to run games decently at their native resolution.

    Drivers wont make too much difference. Only in 2D and the difference is slight.

    You should keep your resolution at native, and increase the DPI of your fonts etc. so that it looks bigger and clearer, but retains the sharpness of the native resolution

    Go display properties>>>advanced>>>general: DPI.


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
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