Duke Nukem 3D and MS-DOS?

I own Duke Nukem 3D v1.3 and when I start it a black screen comes up except for one eighth of the screen where it shows my desktop. Any suggestions. I have a P3 800, 128MB SDRAM and Win98. Please help.

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  1. Try ALT+ENTER together while the game is running

  2. I can't get the game running so pressing ALt+Enter does nothing. Anyway, I've already tried it. Thanks for your help j0be.
  3. try rebooting in MS-DOS mode then run the game
  4. With win 95 I could Start DUKE 3D from win now I have Win 98 and I done something wrong the first Installation and did not have could not Run Dos now after a reformat I have it but I have'ent Tried DUKE yet. If you can run MSDOS you should be able to run DUKE 3D
  5. I've had it work for me under Win95, 98, and ME. Are you able to run setup.exe from Windows? If so, make sure the sound card/music card options are configured properly- that caused hangups for me a couple of times

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