Win XP Pro won't recognize removable storage

Okay, so for some reason, when I plug in my PSP and use its USB connection feature, a note pops up saying: "USB Device Not Recognized."

It says the device has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. Under properties, it says there are no drivers installed for this device. But it shouldn't need drivers, since it works just like a removable USB drive.

I've plugged it up to another computer (running Windows XP Home, SP1) and it worked fine. But when I try using it on mine (Windows XP Pro, SP2), I get the error message. I've tried all my USB ports, and they all give me the same error. All my other USB devices work fine. From what I've read, both on the web and in the PSP manual, windows XP should recognize the PSP as a removable storage drive without any hitch.

So, what could be the problem here?
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  1. I am having the exact same problem. I am running Windows XP Home SP2 on a Dell Comp. I try to use my flash drives in any of the USB ports I get the same error messages as stated above. But my son can connect with his mp3 player. I can't confirm this but it acts like it won't release the driver used by the mp3 player.

  2. In case someone else has a similar problem in the future and stumbles across this post; I resolved my issue by booting to safe mode and deleting the USB ports. When XP rebooted and reinstalled the USB ports again it was fine.

  3. some clue why this happen!!!

    1st clue:
    hi, me too I now encountered the same problem with you, before my PSP opens in my PC properly but when I lend my cousin on my "PSP memory card" to put some games on it and he plug my memory card on his PC, then my cousin gave the memory back to me and the games are working properly but the problem when I plug my psp on my PC it says "One of the usb devices attached to the computer is malfunctioned and windows does not recognized it,"

    2nd clue:
    The second is when my cousin borrow my USB DEVICE (sometimes called flash drive) to copy some files and PC games. I lend him my Flash Drive then when he returned it, BOOM same problem when i Plug my flash drive on my PC it says "One of the usb devices attached to the computer is malfunctioned and windows does not recognized it.."

    what do you think of this?is that a virus? or what? any clue? I still dont have any clue but one think came into my mind all the stuffs (namely PSP memory and flashdrives) of mine that was plug-in on the computer of my cousin gave the same problem when i plug in on my Computer.
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