Samsung 2443BWX (new?) vs 245BW

I've searched for the 2443BWX but could hardly come up with any decent reviews, pics or specs.. even Samsung's product page doesn't show anything clearly. I'm wondering if its a brand new product?

I was finally able to find this product brochure that has basically everything you need to know. It looks like the main difference is a lower brightness but higher dynamic contrast on the 2443BWX vs the 245BW.

The reason I ask about these monitors is Costco currently has the 245BW for $380, and will soon have a coupon for the 2443BWX for $350 (normal price will be $400, which was the 245BW's normal price until a week or so ago when the price was dropped to make room for the 2443BWX replacement.

PS Does anyone know what the X stands for in the product name?
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  1. I'm in the same boat as you trying to find out information about the 2443BWX. After about waiting a month, Costco finally was able to tell me what the model was the 2443BWX. After that I was on the search to find out if the 2443BWX was better then the 245BW.

    I believe the main difference is that the 245BW is height adjustable and is a little brighter, while the 2443BWX has a better contrast. Looks like from your brochure that 2443BWX isn't height adjustable while the 2443BW is. Another interesting thing is that I keep reading high gloss being associated with 2443BWX while the 2443BW is just a matte case. (Not the LCD screen but the monitor case). The 2443BW also comes with a USB hub while the 2443BWX does not.

    I also discovered some interesting info on Energy Star's website. The 2443BWX model was just released July 1, 2008:

    Along with the 2443BW:

    The 245BW was released in Feb of 2007:

    This may be why we can't find reviews on the 2443BWX/2443BW, who knows if anyone actually owns one yet.

    Samsung's Taiwan website has the 2443BWX on a standalone page:

    If you compare the pictures (I don't know Chinese), it looks like the 2443BWX comes with the simple stand and is not height adjustable and no USB hub.

    I most likely will be getting the 2443BWX, though I did want the height adjustable stand, the monitor has better specs then the 245BW which most likely is being phased out. Too bad Costco isn't getting the 2443BW, seems like the X means it's a no thrills version of the same monitor.
  2. Lose brightness for better contrast.. makes sense. Also, the 2443 uses less power.
  3. I decided to just go out and get the 245BW since a warehouse near me had them in stock. I talked with someone at Costco and the 245BW will be phased out (when they change a price to .97 that means it's being phased out). I still plan to look at the 2443BWX once it comes in. Costco has such a great return policy I decided it was worth the time to try out the 245BW because most likely I won't be able to when the 2443BWX comes in.

    Right now I am really loving the 245BW, it is pretty bright but that's easily fixed with settings. Also the height adjustable is really nice. I've never really liked dynamic contrast turned on TVs and I keep reading how it's a manufacture ploy to make their numbers look better. The static contrast is what should be compared, this is why Samsung provides both while some manufactures will just provide dynamic.
  4. The display just got set up today at the Costco I work at. The menu buttons are those sweet heat sensitive spots where you just touch it and the menu pops up. I'm surprised it's not mentioned anywhere in the product info because that's a pretty sweet feature imo.
  5. I just purchased this monitor (2443BWX) last night (PST) and I love it. I have gone through five 245BWs that had either 1-2 dead pixels, 3-4 stuck pixels or died minutes after initial power up. I returned the fifth 245BW to Costco and waited till my 17" beater CRT died and proceeded to purchase the 2443BWX. The 2443BWX had 0 dead/stuck pixels out of the box and touch buttons (though I've never had a depression/toggle switch fail, these are hopefully more durable). I haven't noticed insufficient brightness, but I have sensitive eyes so my monitor needs to be set to just the right brightness (neither too bright nor too dark). Though I think the 245BW is a good product as many of my friends had no problems and good reviews litter the web, I still wouldn't trade my 2443BWX for the 245BW. Hope that helps!
  6. Did you buy it at Costco for $350? Because I'm planning to go look at the monitor and was hoping I didn't need a coupon or anything. I didn't receive anything of that sort in the mail.
  7. I just got the Samsung 2443bwx and great so far though I've only used it for about 10 minutes. But the display is nice, the bezel and casing are fine. The menu and adjust buttons are touch sensitive which is nice. I picked mine up today at Costco with the coupon for $350. But even without coupon, you can get it online for the same price and with free shipping. The stand is very basic: all it can do is swivel. It can not tilt nor can the height be adjusted. I'm happy with this purchase and I can't wait to use it as my new monitor now!
  8. I just picked one up yesterday also. Love the size. Great for Team Fortress 2. It has tilt. And swivel, but no height or rotation.
  9. Is this model model a HD TV, how different is this model from Samsung 22" T220HD Flat Panel LCD HDTV 1080P which I purchased last month in Costco.
  10. I picked up one of these at Costco yesterday. I like it, it's comparable to the 245bw (compared it in-store and to one my friend owns). I just have to change some color settings and it should look a bit better.

    The tilt is a bit limiting though. There is no forward tilt whatsoever. Tilts back fine though.
  11. I bought this monitor at Costco last week and then got a copy of a $30 rebate from (also probably available on Samsung rebate site), so the price will come down to $319 once I get the rebate. I think it's good through August. So far it's a good monitor. I use it mostly for text and file comparison, so the wide screen is perfect, although the viewing angle could be better. Unfortunately, I think most of these screens tend to have the same 160 degree viewing angle. The monitor offers special settings for movies, gaming, text, Internet, etc., but you can also customize it to suit your needs. It also includes software so you can rotate the screen in any direction. I really like the controls, which are just heat-sensitive areas on the frame. Just hope they don't go out anytime soon! I really would have liked is to have a USB port (or two) on the side and HDMI as an option. It's not an HDTV, but that's OK. You can still play Blu-ray disks on it.
  12. I wasn't able to find the rebate for the 2443BWX. Also, can you still get the rebate if you purchased from CostCo (as opposed to BestBuy, etc. which are on the Samsung Rebate website)
  13. I guess there's some debate as to whether you can get the rebate. I called Samsung, and they said that Costco qualifies for rebates. The only problem is that the UPC doesn't seem to match. I may have to call them again, but I already submitted the rebate form, so we'll see if they accept or reject it within a week or two (mail's fast where I live). The rebate is still on, but I think another site has it as well. Just type in "Samsung 2443BWX rebate" on Google and you'll get hits. It's good through August 30th.
  14. If you purchased this monitor from Costco and Samsung bounced your rebate with "UPC submitted is not from a qualifying product", call the 800 number on the rebate form. The 1st level person who answers the call won't be able to do anything and will tell you "sorry, but the UPC on your purchase is not part of this rebate". Go thru the whole process with them, and when they tell you this, ask to speak to a supervisor. They will try to talk you out of this, just politely repeat "I would like to speak to a supervisor please". They'll put you on hold a few times, but if you persist, eventually they will transfer you to a supervisor, who will apologize profusely and approve your rebate! The first line people are not allowed to change anything, only the supervisor can do this.
  15. Am I just retarded or is there no way to adjust this monitor on the stand? I feel like it is angled downward?
  16. I purchased this monitor from Costco Jan 17 for 299.00. On the whole I love it, but it keeps blacking out. Just for a few seconds, then comes back on as bright and true as I could want.

    It's connected to a new Mac laptop running OX 10.5.6 using the D-sub cable Samsung provided. But the software downloaded from Samsung for Mac wouldn't install (something about Java script not being up to date), and the manual is less than clear.

    Anyone else experienced these problems?
  17. To anyone still interested in buying the 2443BWX, Office Depot has them on clearance for $279.00 right now. I went to look at it yesterday, and the only models left in their stores where I live are the floor models, so I didn't buy one. If you get it from the website, they are still going for $329. Call your local store or check the website to see if your local store has them in stock. If the listing says 'Limited Availability", that means the only model left is the floor model.

    Last night, however, I bought the 2443BWT, which is the 'mid-grade' version of the 2443 line. It offers height adjustment, but no USB ports.

    So, for anyone who is doing research on the Samsung SyncMaster 2443 line, here is the run-down of different features between models:

    (2443BW vs. 2443BWT vs. 2443BWX)

    2443BW - Height adjustable, USB port
    2443BWT - Height adjustable, no USB port
    2443BWX - Neither height adjustable or USB Port

    I have also seen 2443BWX-TAA and 2443BWT-TAA models on the web, and I don't know the significance of TAA at the end of the model numbers.

    I'm wondering why there still isn't a lot of information about these models on the web. The lady at Office Depot said they are phasing out the 2443BWX. I wonder if they didn't sell well, or if they just weren't marketed enough in the U.S.?
  18. The 2443BWX-TAA = Height Adjustable and Rotate Adjustable ...onsale at www pcconnection for $319.95 - $60.00 Rebate = $ 259.95 + Free shipping .
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