HP Pavillion DV9700 Will only run on battery

My HP Pavillion dv9700 laptop will not run off the AC adapter, or charge the battery. It will however run off of the battery just fine. The original problem was that there was a break in the AC adapter's cable. After repairing the cable, this problem started.

I know that the computer is getting power, and the light around the AC port is lighting up when plugged in. I also took the system apart and checked to make sure that the cable to the Mother board was getting the correct power. I am unsure of what to do now, or what the problem is. I went ahead and ordered a new AC adapter, and a new jack as well.

Does anyone else have any insight as to what the problem might be??? Everything was working fine until I repaired the original AC adapter's cable.
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  1. I am having the same problem. My battery has stopped charging. The power cord gets really hot and smells like burning plastic. My laptop that I spent almost $800 on is now next to worthless!!!! Should I get a new power cord? Will this happen all over again?
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