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Nikon D90 Flash pop-up

Hello, I have a fairly new Nikon D90. The flash pops up involuntary in broad day light. This causes overexposure. Could it be a settings problem? How can svoid this?
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    check the ISO setting on the camera - if it is set too low, the exposure meter will call for more light. Dont know why it overexposes. Try reading the manual
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    .. Check the ISO settings-If too low..exposure meter---.
    I agree with the ISO reset as a 1st fix. However, make very sure that you made the error, not the camera. The other possibility? Your camera showing the 1st signs of an on-board problem. They only get worse. If it doesn’t fix easily, warm up the warranty and call Nikon. Get a new camera and enjoy grabbing great shots. . :bounce:

    FYI- Reading the manual is also a good idea, but lacks a great deal of needed info. There are many good reference books on the D90 but a stand out is "Mastering the Nikon D90" by Darrell Young. The rookie book? D90 for Dummies.
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