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ok i read some other posts and i am also looking for a 5.1 surround system due to i like lots of noise and music and the fact i just go a new panasonic HD TV. i was considering the Z-5500

which is nice and load but i just found out that my new tv has got Fiber Optic Sound Output.
ok, this i dont no much about, and knead some assistance on: is it worth using?
What Dose it Do, what are its benefits.

so i thourt the the z-5500 was cool and a can get that for £ 150 (i im lucky) i was looking for no much more than £ 200 if the product is woths it then i will pay more. but really i need some assistance on the howl 5.1 thing really. can i get some help
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  1. If you have a good soundcard then analog connection is better option but if you have integrated audio then connect both digital and analog and use Digital whaen wacthing movies or playing DVD Audio or SACD and use analog for gaming.

    For integrated audio, I recomend Z5500 or the Onkyo Home Entertainment System or similar product.

    For Discrete audio, the Creative GigaWorks S750 Speaker System I think is better than Logitech Z5500.
  2. If you are connecting the 5.1 system to the TV directly then you may not get 5.1 out of the digital output. Some TVs only do Dolby 2.0. If you have a set top box then take the digital audio from there. As Rexter says a real Home Theater in a Box such as the Onkyo will probably sound better and be more expandable.
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