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At the moment i am running two monitors of my laptop, (The laptop has a Nvidia 650m 2GB), And at the moment i cant get the taskbar to cover the length of both the monitors, i was wondering if it was possible to either have two taskbars, or to extend my current one across both screens?

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  1. Display Fusion is a good multi-monitor program that i use... has the task bar option you want.
  2. you can stretch the desktop using nvidia control panel, under display settings click on the secondary monitor and change from dualview to stretch.
    free download ver 2.1 Oscar’s Multi-Monitor Taskbar.
  3. I dont have that setting because im using a laptop:/ unless there's something i have to download for that option
  4. I recommend you Actual Multiple Monitors. The best in my opinion.

    Here the comparison table.
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