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Are there any recorders that I can use to record old tape cassettes onto CDs. I am looking for a machine that lets me insert a cassette and Cd at the same time and press a button that will transfer the sound from the cassette to the CD.
I am tired of being frustrated with trying to figure out esoteric software that only computer engineers can use. I have pulled out enough hair.
Sound reduction would be nice too. thanking you in advance
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  1. There is such a machine -- but I cannot recall the name of one.

    The cheap alternative is not as daunting as you might imagine. Get a standard computer audio lead (phono plugs one end and a Walkman type jack plug the other) and connect a cassette recorder to the line input of a computer which is equipped with a CD writer.

    Download a copy of Audacity (free audio recorder for the PC).

    Select the right inputs in the Sound section of Windows Control Panel. Play a cassette and start Audacity to check volume levels on the recorded waveform on screen.

    Once everything looks okay record first track. Pause Audacity at the end of it -- save the file as a WAV with name of the song title.

    When all tracks are down, burn the WAVs to a CD using Windows Media Player (or preferably a specialist burning prog like Koyotesoft's CD Easy, which is also a free download).

    I have to say that commercial audio cassette albums were never very good quality as they were mass duplicated at high speed.

    If you can find the same titles (and you may be surprised how cheaply) purchasing a new CD from Amazon is the simplest solution.
  2. Thanks for the info and I will use it if I can't find the machine I am looking for. I would have to buy a tape player anyway so I may as well buy the machine. I do purchase some CDs on Amazon but there are so many that I wish to record it would be too costly for me to purchase each one,I'm sure. Also there are many that cannot be found some are compilations put together by a friend and those are the ones I really want to save. I just need something simple ,,,slip hardware in...push a button. I don,t want to have to wrestle with the computer. If you can think of the name of that device I would be most appreciative.
    Thanks for your response.
  3. Still hoping to find something easy. I am trying the tape to cd kit that is advertised below but it is not easy to use. The tutorial loses sound intermittently and the person giving the tutorial races through as if he is in a hurry. Some of his diction is slurred and garbled so it is difficult to understand what he is trying to say. I have tried following the instructions that I can get but have yet to record a note. I'm sure that is easy to use if you happen to have a degree in computer science.
    And their ads fail to mention that it is necessary to separate the tracks manually otherwise you can not cue anything.
  4. There is software that will detect silences between tracks and split accordingly -- doesn't work accurately with all music, obviously.

    I suspect that you could do most of what that $60 kit does with stuff you have in the house already -- plus a free download for the software.

    If you haven't tried Audacity, do.
  5. Its called DAK, you use it with your PC. It is time consuming. It has a mixer box and everyhitng., It actually works pretty good. I still have so many thngs to convert. I hope you got allot of time. Keep it in the green for best reproduction!!!!
  6. The Tape to CD Kit has caused me a great deal of aggravation I didn't find accurate instructions and have had to talk to customer service several times. They sent me the wrong edition of their software. It did not match the tutorial ...I was pulling my hair out!
    If they had just included some of the secrets for operating their product I might have burned a Cd by now!
    My first problem was that the tutorial was completely silent until customer service told me that I couldn't plug the blue box because it silences the tutorial.
    The ad says that it is even easy for seniors but the customer service rep seems to be annoyed that I AM a senior. I don't think that I am the only senior to have trouble...this company removed their address from their website because too many people were sending back the product . I have asked for the address a couple of times and still don't have it. Simple instructions is all I ask for!
  7. The blu box thingy doesn't seem to have any level controls from Usally you work through your sound card not a usb port.
  8. An Ion TAPE2PC will work. It comes with Audacity software.
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