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Huge delay at startup

My desktop usually starts up pretty fast, but it got really slow recently.
A few days ago my computer froze when I tried to run an online Java game that I used to play without a problem. I tried to un-freeze my computer but ended up shutting down the power instead. When I rebooted my computer, it got stuck on the motherboard screen for a long time before starting windows. I thought it was an one time thing, but apparently it's not...

I dunno why, but ever since the crash, the screen gets stuck on the page that displays motherboard info for at least a minute. (used to only take a few seconds). What's the reason behind this? need help please, thanks.

PS: Hardware/software info can be posted upon request.
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    Usually it's a problem with one of the hard drives connected to the system. My computer occasionally does the same thing, but in my case it is due to one of my sata cables not being seated properly. Re-seat all of your cables to all of your hard drives and reboot. If the issue persists, download the Ultimate Boot CD and use the appropriate (many of the HDD diagnostic utilities are manufacturer specific) HDD diagnostic program to check your hard drives.
  2. I just tried to restart my computer again, it stopped having the delay for some reason.

    Thanks anyway :) , topic can be closed.
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