agp pcie converter?


Wasn't sure what to name it but I'll try to clarify my question:

Is it possible for someone to make an adapter that can go into a PCIe 16x slot that would then have an AGP card placed in it? AND utilize its full bandwidth.

Sorry but after 500.00 for an AGP not long ago, the thought of forcing us to buy yet another card in order to utilize nF4 is just a mistake. AGR and the twin PCI bus restrictions just doesnt cut it either. With the number of people that are out there still with AGP cards, I find it difficult to understand why no manufacturer hasnt attempted to make one. I'm sure that they could sell what costs them possibly 30.00 to make could sell for over $100.00 if people had to choose between a converter with full bandwidth use of the AGP card rather than ebaying it and buying a PCIe card.

Whether you agree or not, you have to admit, it doesnt make sense that somebody hasnt tried to market this yet.

just my beef sorry, but if anyone knows if someone has tried this...

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