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I recently purchased a HD Tv for the bedroom. I requested and received a converter box from Comcast. It didn't work with the TV. A Comcast tech spent over 2 hours trying to fix the problem including trying 3 different boxes. He finally gave up. With the conversion I am down to the lower 28 channels. Comcast wants over $15 per month for a HD box. I would rather purchase my own box. Any suggestions as to what I should buy and where? thanks
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  1. You might want to consider renting after looking at prices - Have you checked yet?
    I have (3) HD boxes, all rentals. I have had to replace (2) of them because of being defective = as you know, just turn your rental in and get another one. It might be a good choice to buy, just depends on brand, price etc. Not sure what is on the market for purchase now, just have to research and see. Good Luck!
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