Poweredge 400sc won't connect to internet

I have an old Poweredge 400sc that won't connect to the internet. I used to connect fine, but now it won't. I checked the cables and they are fine. In network settings the connection is enabled and running. I repaired it to no avail. Any thoughts/suggestions? I have the latest drivers from Dell (from 2006) installed.


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  1. What kind of connection is it (modem, DSL, wireless..etc)?
  2. It's a cable modem via an ethernet cable.
  3. Try holding down the reset button on the modem for ~ 5 seconds.
  4. I don't have a reset button on the modem so I turned it off for 5 seconds and still nothing. Also, the computer I'm using is on the same modem via wireless router and is working fine.
  5. Check the device manager to see if there is a conflict on your ethernet device.

    Try a different ethernet cable between the modem and your PC.

    If you have another ethernet port, try a different one.

    Check the network connections to make sure there is only 1 connection, and that it's the correct one (correct settings).
  6. I tried 2 other cables, so it's not that. I only have one port. The only yellow exclamation in device manager was for the sound card.

    I have two connections - one is "1394 net adapter" that can NOT be deleted, and is disabled. The other is "local area connection" and is connected.
  7. Make sure DHCP and network connections services are started.
  8. Stupid me! I forgot to check my ip address settings and clicked on "get ip address automatically" and I'm now on-line with that machine.

  9. Good to hear.
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