LCD Monitor + Xbox 360/VGA Connector = Resolution problem

So I've been using the VGA connector that allows you to hook up a PC monitor to a 360, and it works perfectly fine with my 19" LCD monitor for AGES! It looks great and works perfectly, but I recently bought a new Samsung LCD, which has HDMI in....but sadly I have an older 360 so I can't utilize that.

Anyways, there is a little issue. Like all LCDs, there is a native resolution. On this one, it's 1920x1200. When I try setting my VGA resolution to it's closest match, 1920x1080, the image comes back too big for my screen (IE, the picture gets cut off on the left side). Normally I'd be fine just dropping down to a lower resolution, but the closer I can get to the native resolution of the monitor, the less....blurry the image looks. It also annoys me I can't quite reach 1080p....:P

Does anyone have ANY idea what the problem is? Can VGA not actually handle full 1080p?

Oh, and FYI

I bought a Samsung 24" 24SBW ages ago and had the same issue (returned it for a different reason though), and the model of the new LCD I bought is the Samsung T260.
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  1. VGA should handle it, perhaps with some slight blurring. Try adjusting the monitor's clock and phase settings.
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