Many connections and 215 MB received but not me

i am just surfing like with 3 webpages
then i checked my bandwidth log and it shows 215 MB was received but there is no way it
is from my surfing a little bit

i have no way to trace where who what is going on with this

and i have about 60 connections but am using just 3 webpages

how can stop all that and monitor my bandwidth in detail?
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  1. if your on wireless make it secure
  2. Do you have Windows Updates switched on? That could easily account for 215MB.
  3. Windows update, antivirus update, other updates, error reporting ect.
  4. even general handshaking and protocol overhead can keep data moving.
  5. No, I keep updates OFF but I check daily for updates manually.
    I shut off my error reporting.
    So it is not updates that is causing 200 connections to be open, as seen with my firewall.
    Like if I open 1 firefox webpage I get 200 connections seen in my firewall and they are all from firefox. this happens with every application I use, weather IE, Opera, Firefox. I notice UDP sending alot as well as TCP connections. I need a analyzer to learn more, until I know how to shut this terrible breach off. It is as if someone installed a splitter and splits each webpage I open, into anywhere from 60 to 200 connections. It sounds like a zombie doesn't it? Like someone got control of my system and directs it to open all these connection every time I open just one page. Several times 4 gig was sent in just 30 minutes. I wish I can find how to stop it. I do have like 41 network hosts set up in control panel, networking because for a while each time I open my browser windows 7 will ask me what type of connection do i want, home or work or public. and i had to answer or i can proceed to use the internet. i wish to delet all these connection and start over and jave just one. you know, this seems like this can be the root, possible. how can i start over with my networking set up and delete all prior stuff?
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