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I have seen that d5000 bought in grey market is very cheep compared to the warranteed one . can anyone pliz write about ur experience about grey market product - both good and bad experience ?
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    Since no one else has answered this post, I will provide some information that you will find useful.

    The products are exactly the same - the difference in price is due to the fact the "grey market" products do NOT come with a warranty. If anything goes wrong with the equipment, you end up with an expensive paper weight!

    The failure rates of both the warranted products and the grey market products is the same (same MTBF). Consider this fact in your purchase decision.

    Over the past years, I have purchased over 30 Nikon bodies and lenses, and never had any issues with them. Will I but grey market products? the answer is NO.
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I do have some apprehension about grey stuffs, but the price difference is big . Anyway I am also thinking of not buying the grey one.And thanks againn for the reply.
  4. Siddharth, I am glad you decided against the grey market products. Good luck with your new camera!
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