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Is the onboard sound card on an asus p6t deluxe v2 mobo adequate for a Logitech Z-5500 setup. If not, whats a good card? Thanks.
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  1. if you get a soundcard you WILL hear the difference like me. i use the Asus xonar dx for my logitech z 2300, and compared to onboard its MUCH more crisp, the onboard is like muffled ..
  2. stevensl2 said:
    ... the onboard is like muffled ..

    The onboard is adequete but Logitech speakers sounds muffled.

    The tone controls and/or equalizer from the discrete soundcard will help it sound better by increasing higher frequencies.
  3. So I'm pretty much down to HT Omega Claro or the X-Fi Titanium (are both of these overkill for the z5500s?). I hear that the ht is better for movies and music, but the titanium is better for gaming. Is this true? I like to game, but I also want the best quality possible for hd movies. Or maybe the xonar line? I just can't decide lol.
  4. Both cards are good, you just need to figure out what is your priority. I do care more about how my music and video sound quality than my games.

    Base on my experience, I found that C-media chip sounds warmer than Soundblaster or Realtek Chip, I don't know if others notice though.

    Although X-Fi design is better than old SB Audigy, I don't know how much closer to E-Mu the sound quality is? the AES technology from creative designed for games is nice but when playing games I don't know how much advantage you get to your goal, another is what Creative called crystalizer to enhance music pleasure is a bonus.

    Between the two I'd go for C-Media, also easier to connect or find the connectors if you want to use more than 5.1 system.
  5. What type of headphones would utilize the built in hifi headphone amplifier of the more expensive ht omega claro? 40 dollar fatal1ty or only better ones?
  6. I'm not a headphone kinda guy.

    I have Sennheiser headphone and it's great for what I need but I tried Sony and Bose of their comfort line and it's also good.

    If you are a headphone guy then save your money and buy a cheaper discreet C-Media soundcard and more expensive headphone. I can't find much difference between $40 and less $150.

    However you will notice one when comparing a $40 VS over $250 but some people rather spend that cash on loudspeakers system.
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