LF:1/72 plastic,diorama kits,6mm,games,Ft. Zinderneuf

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I am looking for any of the following items.

1/72 scale plastic toy soldiers, diorama kits, castle kits, forts, etc.
I have just recently seen the new 1/72 scale Zvezda castle kits and the
newer IMEX AWI series diorama kits and it has got me interested again
in maybe using pastic 1/72 scale figures and armies again just to play
around with. I will consider anything from Anciets to Vietnam war.

I am also interested more so in unpainted 6mm figures but will consider
painted 6mm for any time period from Ancients to Vietnam war. I will
consider Heroics & Ros, Adler, Baccus and in Irregular I will only
consider the British Colonial series, Roarke's Drift set, and other
terrain features.

I am looking for some of the following board games. From Eagle Games I
am looking for The American Civil War, War! Age of Imperialism. I am
also looking for The Longest Day, War and Peace by Avalon Hill. Some
WWII games by SPI, etc.

Also in 54mm I would like to find a Beau Geste "Fort Zinderneuf"
playset by Conte that was out several years ago which is now out of

So if you have anything you may want to sell please e-mail with what
you have and what you are wanting for it.

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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.miniatures.historical (More info?)

    We currently have a sudanese british expeditionary force in 6mm from
    Peter Pig, fully painted for sale on our website at
    www.fullcolourminiatures.co.uk, price is £60.00 to include UK Postage
    and Packing.

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