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April 2, 2005 11:36:52 PM

So I'm the lucky owner of two 74GB Raptors. I was thinking and wondering if RAID 0 will actually make that much of a performance difference? Or if I might be better off putting operating system & non-hard drive intensive programs on one hard drive, and hard drive intensive programs/cache on the other?

I've only seen a couple of tests done with RAID 0 on Raptor's but it seems like there isn't that much of a boost. It seems to me, although I've never seen anyone say this, that simply separating the programs like I described might be better. Or am I just wrong?

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April 2, 2005 11:51:24 PM

It may not increase the overall transfer rate to much but it does make a difference on i/o intensive tasks.

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April 4, 2005 6:40:38 AM

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April 4, 2005 10:10:53 AM

If you install "linkification", a small extension for Firefox, all those non clicky will turn into clickies automatically!!! Very nice

Should be able to download it (and more of them by browsing the Moszilla web page...

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April 4, 2005 10:16:45 AM


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April 5, 2005 1:30:20 AM

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April 5, 2005 1:42:34 PM

Thanks, that was a useful article. I guess I'll keep my raptors as individual disks (less of a hassle this way anyways).