Processor Upgrade Questions on a HP G70 258US Laptop

Looking to upgrade the current Intel T4200 cpu (2.0ghz, 800mhz FSB and 1 MB L2 cashe) in my new HP G70 258US laptop. What is the fastest Intel CPU that can be used??? Considering purchasing an Intel T6500 CPU (2.1ghz, 800mhz FSB and 2MB L2 cashe)for the upgrade. Can anytell me if this CPU will work without any other system mods.??? Anyone attempted this particular upgrade on this laptop model???
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  1. good luck dude i have been wondering the same thing but it seems the specs on the g70 model laptops is a big secret or something cuz i can't find them anywhere? i have the hp g70-257cl. if you figure it out let me know?
  2. Hey Shawn....Did manage to do this upgrade on my own several months after posting my question here. Found a used Intel T6600 processor on ebay for about $65.00 and installed it myself. Would highly suggest that you download and print the G70 Maintenance and Service Guide for this laptop (HP Document Part # 485462001) before opening the unit up. Don't have a link for this manual anymore, but it is still available on the web if you look hard enough. Contacted HP tech suppurt directly when I began my research on the CPU upgrade and they were of no help whatsoever. They flatly states that it couldn't be done and only suggested I buy a new laptop from them.....kiss my ass HP!!! I found that you can use a T6400, T6500, T6600 or even a T6670 processor for this unit upgrade. Just make sure you are using a processor chipset that has the same 800FSB as the motherboard was designed for. Any further questions, I can be contacted directly at Hope this helps you out.

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