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I have a home network with a cable modem connected to a wireless router and all my computers in the house connect through that wireless and recently most of my house has switched to laptops and I've been leaving our upstairs computer on so we can use it's attached printer. So what I was wondering was if I purchased a USB to ethernet converter cable and use that to hook up my printer to an open wired network port on my wireless router would that let us use that printer wirelessly or is that just crazy?
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  1. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work, since printers that are not designed to print from the network need to have a PC attached. Nearly the entire line of Lexmark AIO printers (http://www.lexmark.com/lexmark/product/type/home/0,6904,204816596_653293766_0_en,00.html) now include wireless, and they are pretty affordable. I would suggest replacing your old printer with a new wireless one.
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