Dell 2405FPW 24" Oldie but Goodie?

I'm able to nab a Dell 2405FPW from a friend of mine for $320, is it worth it? I've read some reviews and search a few forums (this and hardforums included) and I've learned that this is a VA panel and not TN, so that makes me happy.

But I need some input from owners of this monitor before I take the jump. Anyone here own one?

I'd really appreciate the input.
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  1. First, as a rule, I hate Dell products.

    That said, Ive owned a 2405FPW for several years now, and it was/has been a great investment. I bought it to replace an NEC 18 inch LCD, for use in 2D/3D graphics, video, word processing, web browsing and as a TV, with the occasional game.

    The 2405 has reasonably fast response time for an older VA panel, generally good color reproduction (see below) good viewing angles and nice ergonomic features -adjustable hieght, tilt, swivel and rotation. A decent OSC, DVI, D SUB and S Video inputs, plus an onboard card reader and usb ports, all of which Ive used.

    The only real downside is the color gamut. Far superior to any TNs of the same era, the blue range is a little limited relative to newer VA panels, and this redution in blue range translated to some difficulties with subtle shades of green. The test I got used to using for green was the bamboo forest scene from crouching tiger hidden dragon. On the dell it gets a little blocky, but its not noticable unless your sitting right up to the monitor. The gamut tools I use (for CorelDraw - I dont use adobe) shows the greens fine, and I dont get uptight about the greens when Im working graphics.

    My only other problems are pet peeves.
    1)The screen in screen feature allows you to use either the DVI or the DSUB and any of the other inputs, but not both the DVI and D sub. Obviosly you cant do this anyway, but it would have been nice to run systems simultainoiusly.
    2)The card reader does not handle the newer high capacity class 6 SDHC cards, even with the last driver updates from dell.

    I recently purchased a HannsG 28in monitor to replace this Dell, but Ive been so spoiled by the Dell that I sent the Hanns back and took a considerable loss on a restocking fee.

    So is $320 worth it?...Maybe. If its in great shape, yes. If its in poor shape.. not really. There are a lot of newer monitors out with attendant improvments in technology, and prices have droped considerably over the years.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I ended up passing his offer and he gave it to his brother.
  3. Yes I have used this monitor for the past three years. It is unbelievebly sharp, super fast response times and over 16 million color combinations. not as flashy as the newer models but it leaves them in the dust with reliability. I am very happy with mine and would keep it but I just switched over to a new iMac because of software reliability problems with Windows software not to mention virus's, malware and all else. Window should have just improved on the XP platform but they keep trying to ditch it so i left. Anyone lucky enough to find one of these in good working condition should snap it up for a fraction of the original cost. It has 4 card readers and four USB ports built in. When it was released it cost just under 2000.00 dollars. So for a few hundred now you can have one of the best I have ever seen and be happy with your purchase
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