Best Heaphones under $ 50

Hey guys i need to buy a good set of headphones for listening to music, watching movies and playing games but under $ 50.

please suggest which headphone shuld i go for? please suggest 2 or three models so that if one is not available i can opt for the other.

Thanks !
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  1. I use a pair of Sennheiser HD457's, Had them about 3 years and they cost about US$40ish at the time. Still using them and they sound great for movies/music.
  2. Sennheiser EH350 are pretty nice - I picked up a pair for $45 or so a while back.
  3. It might seem a bit crazy, or odd, but I use Everglide s-500 headset, you can get it online for about 20 dollars, great over all sound, especially for the price. The cable is amazing, it never tangles with itself, thick, feels nice, and kind of stiff. Way better than my 60 dollar set. You also have to colors to choose from if it matters, black or white, I picked while. Here is a link to the official site
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