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I need to know if I can ad one more memory module to my computer.
I have an ASUS K8N Motherboard (socket 754) with an Athlon 64 3000+. The motherboard has 3 DIMMS for three memory Modules. I installed 2 modules (Corsair Value Select 256 MB each for a total of 512 MB).
Need to know if I can add one more memory module (obviosly will have to be same type of module)but can it be one of 512 MB ?...Thanks for the replies.
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  1. I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE because I forgot to mention that the memory modules I am using are PC 3200 DDR 400...and I just finished reading the manual which indicates that only two DDR 400 modules can be installed on that motherboard.
    Sorry for the omission.
  2. Does it say why? Does it just downclock the RAM to DDR333 with more than 2 modules?

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  3. Yes it does explains why it is not posible to install more than 2 memory modules. However the explanations is very short.
    It indicates that installing more than 2 modules will cause memory sizing error and or system boot failure.

    It does not indicate anything related to downclocking.

    However...the Manual indicates that DDR 333 also has to have same amount of modules (just 2).

    Only DDR 200 can have a third module installed.

    If modules are double sided then only two can be installed regardless of DDR.
  4. Some boards act funny with certain configs of RAM. @ sticks may be fine if they are SS but not DS. 4 sticks will work fine but 3 wont. Just examples, not quoting anything.

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