How can i add memory to my hp kzm-6120

Hi, I have a HP Vectra VL computer. It has a slotted pentumIII 450 mhz processer & 128 mem. when I try to add more memory, or put a 1 gig. processer in it, it wont restart. could someone please help me with this? I need to speed this old puppy up.thanks in advance. Jaybird
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  1. That motherboard cannot handle a 1 Ghz CPU or 1 GB of RAM..

    You can install a maximum of 512 MB's of PC100 SD-RAM. You'll have to buy 2 sticks of 256.

    Newegg has 256 MB modules for $18.99 each.

    The maximum speed processor it can handle seems to be just 500 Mhz.

    Pentium III 500 Mhz - $12.67
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