Please help! too many phones to choose from!

hello all,

at the mo i have a C600 and had it for a number of years so i think i should upgrade. I have searched it at ebay,sourcinggate,8eshop and so on. but there are so many phones out there now, i used to have a good idea of what was what but now i'm totally lost.

i'm looking for something that is going to be able to get my works e-mail and sync with outlook etc. i also want to be able to get a tomtom sort of system for it so it can double as my sat nav.

at the mo i'm thinking of either a wm like a diamond2 a blackberry or iphone

What should i do?

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  1. for e-mail out of the three options your best to go with blackberry. they have been around longer and will allow you to sync with outlook. but stay away from the diamond because it uses windows mobile 6 which is really slow and has poor battery life. as for the iphone then you may be forced into a pricey plan as iphone's have there own service package not to mention there is no way to remove the battery so if the battery dies on you then you have to get a new phone.
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