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I was watching a DVD movie from my Samsung BD-P2500 on my Samsung LCD LN46A6501F TV. I turned off the DVD player and switch the TV source from HDMI to S-Video. I notice the S-Video was missing Audio even though the S-Video source works. I tried to reset the Audio by turning the TV off and unplugging the power plug. I than removed all the connections except S-Video and reset the Audio under the setting menu. The troubleshooting section in the user manual does not have any information to correct the problem. I do have audio from all other sources and I downloaded the latest firmware but the TV already had the latest version (Module: T-Ambausc-2007.0). Any suggestions? Is there a way to reset my LCD-TV to the factory default setting? Does a TV have a BIOS?
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  1. S video does not have audio
  2. Why in the world would you want to change from the HDMI connection? Go back to tune type if you want s-video. HDMI has both video & audio - It is pure 1080P with MTS Master audio and can be better than going to the movie theatre if you have excellent equipment. Hook up HDMI and forget anything else.
  3. The cable box connects to the s-video input on the TV. The cable box does not have HDMI. However, I was in error, s-video does not have sound.
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