What HD receivers will work with Cox Cable?


What HD receivers will work with Cox Cable so I don't have to rent their damn box?

(I have standard cable right now. I don't understand why they can't send an HD signal that doesn't require special equipment. I don't need it to receive HD over the air.)

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  1. You can get HD rabbit ears and get a few local stations in HD - or you can pay $10-15 a box per month and get full HD with a lot of stations - All HD stations with all providers you must have the box - no exceptions. In my view, it is best to rent these boxes instead of buying, I have replaced 2 boxes since within a year & 1/2 - when you rent, you just turn in and get another. If you want to purchase - most of the time they range from$300-#400. It is best to check with COX to see which ones can be used and where to purchase. GOOD LUCK!
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