Mix/match timings...how bad an idea?

I'm running an A7n8X Deluxe with 2x256 Corsair TwinX 3200LLPT modules.

I'd like more memory (wouldn't we all?).

Now, the mobo will take a 512MB stick in one bank and 2x256 in the other bank (I've checked on that). The problem is matching them.

These TwinX sticks are great; no complaints here. They're cas 2-3-2-6 parts. But the only matching Corsair 2-3-2-6 part runs about $140 or so from NewEgg... while a Corsair value-select stick can get me 512MB for about $50, cas-3.

My wee Barton won't overclock well to begin with (despite watercooling; ah well. It SHOULD, but it doesn't), and my next major upgrade will probably be a full refresh to Athlon-64. So I'm just not that keen on dropping $150 on ram. Can I just run everything at Cas-3 and have done with it?

(RAM seems to be my sticking point; I'm getting a lot of "swap-to-disk" pauses during gameplay).

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  1. I have Corsair value ram (PC3200) that runs in Dual Channel mode. I had to up the voltage (to 2.7) for it to help my OC'd 2500 to run with stability. I've seen the value ram run on that ASUS board.

    I've mixed the more epensive kinds of Corsair without problem (on an ABIT NF7-s .. also Nforce2). I've never tried mixing the good with the value stuff though. I suspect it would work in dual channel but I have no guarantee for you. Upping the voltage can enhance the range of your signal "wave" and make it more likely.

    Further, since your not overclocking the PC3200 stuff SHOULD make things more likely.

    At worst you lose the 5%-7% performance gain of dual channel (vs single channel) and get it back in bigger applications with your addtional memory. So your risk is counterweighted with your application mix.

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