What does it mean when directory or file cannot be created with card reader

I am downloading pix's from desktop to card reader with a SD card. I have all the pix on a file on the desktop. I am using Kodak software. I have approx 200 pix in the file. Loading all at the same time the first 100 load great but then the last 100 say directory or file cannot be created. I checked the disk size and there is alot available, I have downloaded new Kodak software thinking that might solve the issue. I can view the pictures just not transfer them to the disk. Any suggestions on what to try next?
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  1. We had the exact same problem with our new Kodak camera SD card. When I tried to transfer new pics it indicated that 'file cannot be created'....It worked only after I deleted pictures, then it allowed me to transfer more pics....Even though my SD card holds 800 pics, I have discovered if you are using it on 'higher' quality for better pictures, the SD card will only hold about 400 instead of 800. Hope this helps....Good luck.....
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