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After lurking for awhile I finally joined up...First like to say thanks for all the useful info given out on these boards and Tom's main site. Even being in the field of IT you always have new things to learn all the time!! Anyways, I have a question and thought this would be the best board to post in. I'm planning on building a new system, ASUS SLI board, SATA..all the latest greatest...but one problem. I will have to share it with my wife and kids. Of course they always want to install the "fluffy" junk that is out on the internet ( ie Realplayer, MSN messenger, etc...etc) which usually slows things to a crawl..not to mention opening things up with spam, viruses, etc. So I'm thinking of having 2 hard drives in (non-hot) swappable pull out enclosures. One for them, one for me. I've gone down the road of Partition Magic and a TRIOS switch..but find them both lacking. Any thoughts on this? Will I be taking a performance hit by using an enclosure. Thanks in advance for the help....
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  1. That would be a fine solution. Hotswap enclosures will not effect performance.

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  2. Cool...Thanks for the help Folken..

    BTW Awewsome LOTR reference!!
  3. I've done it before, it works fine. But it's now illegal, thanks to Microsoft.

    You can't have 2 drives with the same license any more, not even if they're in the same computer. It's an XP thing.

    I can tell you how to get around the problem: Get the system how you want it and copy the drive. But I can't tell you that it's OK to do it.

    And now with your legal and illegal drive being identical, you can do whatever you like on your drive and they can do whatever they like on theirs. I won't rat on you.

    Anyway, the big concern isn't performance, but heat: Plastic drive racks KILL drives (they overheat) so you'll want at least an aluminum drive rack (probably cost around 4x the price). An aluminum drive rack with fans would be even nicer.

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  4. Get your balls back. LOL :lol:

    Make accounts. Don't give them admin access. Don't let them install anything. Computers are not to be used for playing games except by real men.

    Women should do homework and look up recipies.

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    Ok Ok, not practical in todays age. How about Partition magic and let them boot to Win98? Make some Ghost images in case they/you do something wrong.

    Suggesting Dual boot to XP and 98 if that's practical and "Boot Magic" works for you (you only need one drive).
    Put a password on your XP image. Don't let them in. I see what happens to my friend after the wife and kids touch his computer.

    You have my deepest sympathy dude. :wink: LOL


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  5. Flinx..I hear ya man!! :redface: :redface: ..I've tried all that...after spending all day doing this stuff at work I get burned out doing it at home...might be the wimpy way out..but when I get home I want to play..not spend the next hour loading on a ghost image because someone went to recipeswithviruses.com or cartoonnetads.com :mad: :mad: ...Thanks for the sympathy!! :lol: :lol:
  6. Crashman...thanks for the info. For sure will go with aluminum with a fan...Micro$oft licensing..dont even get me started.. :mad: I'm an old Novell guy so you know what my feelings about Redmond is.
  7. Just put windows xp on your hard drive and linux on the other drive :) No spyware or viruses to clean and best of all it is free.
    Put SuSe on there, I have found that it is very easy to install and use. <A HREF="http://www.novell.com/products/linuxprofessional/downloads/ftp/eval.html" target="_new">http://www.novell.com/products/linuxprofessional/downloads/ftp/eval.html</A>

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  8. I'm already using it at work!! OK..I'm gonna sound like a Novell fanboy ( which..by the way.. i am!! ) Novell seems to be trying to embrace opensource which is cool. I still like Netware ( i'm a CNE )but some of their support for opensource (DIRXML, Suse, Ximian, Mono) gives me the hope that someday soon Micro$oft will have to lighten up a little (really, I mean a lot) on their monolithic business strategy, or risk losing a good share of the market...Again, i'm only hoping!!... :lol:
  9. hey! i live nextdoor to redmond! hes not a bad guy! have you seen the ms campus before? ive never seen such a place man, so clean, so perfectly trimmed, its crazy.

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