Usb drivers for Canon Eos 400D

When I plug in my EOS 400D Windows 7 does not recognise it.
It has been installed as DCP Connect

I have all the latest updated software from Canon.

And my camera has the latest firmware installed

Can someone please help
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  1. First, try checking your USB connector and make sure it's working ok.

    Second, Right clicking (Computer) then click (Manage) click on (Device Manager) check under (Portable Devices) if your Canon camera is listed. If it's listed then it recognises it. If not, unplug your camera and uninstall any Canon camera software you’ve installed then reboot. Plug camera back with USB connector and see if the computer recognise the device and try to install a driver. If it’s successful, you’ll be able to see autoplay popup for Canon Digital Camera.

    However, trying to control the camera using the canon utility may not be possible; the software I think is not compatible with Windows 7. For that you need call Canon for support.
  2. Hi Rex,

    I've tried all you suggested but nothing different has happened. I've also been in contact with a techie from Canon whom I thinks has had enough because he's not replied for a while.

    I've even tried to install the camera on the wife's laptop without any software and it comes up exactly the same.

    This is baffling me.
  3. I gather you've tried other cable already. Try connecting the camera to another computer with different OS. If it still could not make the link then it's probably safe to assume that your camera USB connection is dead.
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