Need Help Buying 46"in+ HDTV

Well yesterday was my birthday, my girlfriend got me a PS3 :)

The problem is, I dont have a TV !!! ... we just moved into a new house and we havent bought our TV yet, we had so many things to do so TV was not a priority... but now, it kinda is :P

I went in the stores yesterday and looked a tons of different models... basically I was looking for a good deal, but nothing struck me as great... I dont know much about TVs though so maybe i missed some good deals...

The problem is , im not sure of what I want... All I know is :
- I want 1080p
- I want at least 46in because this is for the living room and I measured that the average distance from the TV will be 13 feet depending on where you sit.
- I will play games ( PS3 ) and watch movies, not too much of TV though.
- The TV will be mounted on the wall for sure.
- My max budget is only about 1000$ ( because I need to also buy sound system + mounting support + cabinet for ps3/dvds/tv tuner etc )

Considering my situation what would you recommend ?

Plasma ? LCD ?
I tend to prefer LCD because i can buy and transport it myself home and even install it myself... where as plasma im being told is better if you pay for delivery and installation.

Also another thing I could consider is a projector... I know nothing about them and ive seen a few at friends houses, its cool because its big display, but from what ive seen its not as crisp and bright as a real TV, plus you need to always dim the lights... but im open to that solution if it is good for my usages.

Also, another thing is that since Xmas is coming, im wondering if it would be a mistake to buy the TV now and not wait for some boxing day sales ? Or is that just marketing...

Thanks for the advices !
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  1. LCD would be the way to go.

    The best way to really pick one is to go to a high end audio/video store where they hook up all their TV's with the proper display configurations and cabling. I cringe walking through Wal-mart or Best Buy and seeing these TV's not being utilized to their full potential.

    Sony, LG and Samsung are the brands that stand out above the others. And make sure it has a fast response time (5 ms or less) for gaming.
  2. I recently bought a Samsung 46" LCD - LN46B610. This is the 6 series with the 120Hz option. It might fall just out of your price range. If you don't need the 120Hz, the 46" 5 series are quiet nice. I stood at the store for hours playing with the controls and all, and the Samsungs are the most impressive brand. A bit pricy, but well worth it. The colors on the LGs are crappy and the Toshibas have really bad blacks.

    A few times to consider - if you are in a dark room - plasmas are quiet nice for the blacks and gaming. LCDs are much brighter and will be better in a lit room or by the window. I'd research the model on AVS forum before buying just in case.

    Take a look at the Samsungs, if you catch a deal, you probably could find a 52" 5 series for your budget! Happy shopping.
  3. Hey happy b-day man. I would actually try to take that ps3 back if its not too late and get this combo deal. You could save a decent amount of $ with it.
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