How to download videos from canon MV750i to a computer

I borrowed a Canon MV750i Mini DV cam which uses Digital tapes in it. The CD which was given to me is damaged and it no longer works. Can someone please explain me how can i download the Images that I have recorded in the Cassert to a Computer. If so what cable I have to use..I heard that it needs a FireWire cable or something....Is it really necessary...And where can i find the software that is needed to download movies..

Please help me.......
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  1. Hi Guys, Jst to Clarify...It s not abt the Images that i have d Problem...It s d Videos that i wanna download ...Pls help....
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  2. Most of old DV Cameras can only transfer the video recorded on DV-Tapes through a Firewire or IEEE cable
    the most important thing about purchasing this cable is the end jacks of this cable that comes in two sizes (some how like USB cables or HDMI cables)
    so as your cam has the small IEEE port your cable has to be small on one end.
    depending on your computer or laptop IEEE socket you have to choose small or large jack on the other end of your cable.
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  3. As has been mentioned you will need to connect the camcorder to a computer via a FireWire port. The port is not standard in computers made in recent years. However, if you have a desktop computer you can still purchase a FireWire card to install in the computer. You will have to find a legacy FireWire driver if you are using an OS newer than Windows 7. A legacy driver is available from Microsoft. Another option is to find a video capture device that has a FireWire port to connect the camcorder to and most likely connect to the computer via a USB cable.
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