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Hia I have a car stereo with speakers amp and subwoofer, im junking the car it was in and was wondering if it were possible to direct connect all this together with a car battery or with the battery current blow it up... If anyone can help me it would be very appreciated. The stereo is on a 15 amp circuit, and i basicly want to build an outside stereo i can move around but its all car audio equipment.
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  1. You would need a very nice 12V power supply. The size of the power supply would depend on the size of the amplifier. I would highly doubt the car amplifier requires a 15A circuit. Most car amps are larger and less efficient than that. A small car battery would help give a little reserve capacitance but isn't 100% necessary depending on the power supply. Honestly, with the money you would put into a power supply you could get a cheap home receiver and it would be a far easier set up and more efficient. Car and home audio products are built very different because they are two completely different acoustical environments. Nonetheless, it is possible to do without blowing anything up.
  2. it shouldn't hurt anything to try running that all off a battery , but the problem may be how long can you run before you drain your battery . if you have to buy a power supply , it probable isn't worth doing . now if 1 battery doesn't run long enough , you can add another and keep in mind that a battery that won't start a car in January in Minnesota is probably still good enough to suit your purpose . i used to use a has-been indash and some 6x9's for a stereo in my garage and it worked out ok , i would have to charge my battery now and again .

    another thought is , that supposedly a computer power supply has a 12 volt dc output , with enough current to run a small to medium subwoofer set up, i don't know all the details or if it is true , but i wouldn't be surprised to find out it works . i have seen many computers on the curb , free for the taking . people even pay to dispose of them
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